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So what is a Live Point and Click Adventure Game?

Quite simply, a Live Point and Click Adventure Game is a theatre performance where the audience control the lead actor, to solve puzzles and save the day.

Drawing inspiration from classic games such as Monkey Island, Space Quest, and Grim Fandango, our Live Point and Click Adventure Game pits the audience against a series of dastardly puzzles and plot twists.

Sharing a microphone (and changing player every 30 seconds) the audience give commands to the lead performer to solve a set challenge. Challenges vary from “Get me out of this elevator” to “Stop the evil genius from launching a series of missiles and unleashing nuclear winter!”, most with a set time limit to really pile on the pressure.

Players can command the lead performer to interact with objects, set pieces, and even other characters on stage to solve the puzzles laid before them.

Its good ole fashioned high-octane fun.